Best Table Saw 2018 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Love working with wood and making my own frames for my home. If you are like me, then the first thing you should definitely invest in is a table saw.

Given that the prices are quite competitive with so many brands in the market this is the right time to get one too. Here I have listed down 10 best table saw 2018 from leading industry brands with their Pros and cons to give you a better insight on which would suit you better.

Best Table Saw Reviews 2018:

Dewalt DW745
( Editor's Choice)
15 Amp
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Bosch 4100-09
(Editor's Choice)

15 Amp
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Dewalt DWE7491RS10-Inch
15 Amp
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Bosch GTS103110-Inch
15 Amp
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SKIL 3410-0210-Inch
15 Amp
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Dewalt DWE748010-Inch
15 Amp
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Craftsman 2846110-Inch
15 Amp
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Rockwell RK7241S10-Inch
15 Amp
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Dewalt DWE7490X10-Inch
15 Amp
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Rockwell RK7240110-Inch
15 Amp
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1.Dewalt DW745 Table Saw:

If you are perplexed and looking for durable and light weight table saw tool, then the solution to your search is DEWALT sturdy and versatile 10-inch jobsite precision table saw with Site-Pro Modular Guarding System.

The product comes with 15amp and 4800 RMP powerful motor which accurately cut the hardwoods. The 20 inch of rip capacity smoothly cuts and trims.

  • Design: DEWALT portable mighty little saw table provides accurate and precision cutting with a 10-inch blade. The telescopic design of the fences makes the ripping and retraction of sheets easier for a compact design.
  • Ease of Use: Are you among those who are afraid of using tools? If yes, then this product comes with tool-free adjustment system. The lock mechanism fits precisely on top of table stand.
  • Cutting and Power: The saw cuts incredibly up to a depth of 2-1/4 inches at 45 degreesand3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees. It is supported by 1850 watt motor power for efficient performance.
  • Safety: The steel roll cage provides a durable setup to the brand. We assure you that the product will take away all your worries as it comes with the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System for your extra protection.
  • Warranty and support: The DEWALT brand provides exclusive 3 years limited warranty and 1-year free service along with 90 days money- back guarantee.
• Superior quality fence adjustment with rack and pinion telescoping fence rails.
• Awesome 24’’ of rip capacity for cutting various larger shelving and trimming.
• The product weighs 48 Lbs. which enables to move the saw table with ease.
• Sometimes the clamping of fence becomes little tedious to handle.
• The weight could have been little lighter for added convenience.

Pro Tip: The push bar mounting spot helps to grab the material while cutting. The long 20-inch fence is an added advantage. Your search for long lasting saw table ends with DEWALT.

Review: If the safety is your main concern then DEWALT table saw provides superior safety to the consumers by introducing Modular Guard System which protects your valuable hands and fingers. The 24 tooth and 10- inch carbide blade hastens your cutting needs. The application specific setups meet the user needs and give the desired output.

Bottom Line: The saw table is engineered with useful features such as carbide blade, metal roll cage base, a Site-Pro modular guarding system for prolonging product life. Consistency, portability, and powerfulness are synonymous to the product.

2. Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw:

Are you worried about finishing your project on time? And looking for some reliable table saw. Your worry ends with Bosch’s versatile table saw which is equipped with Smart Guard System.

It features a strong sub-base with handles and a square Lock rip fence which accelerates the work process and helps to get output on time with accurate finishing.

  • Design: The Bosch brings into the market an ergonomic table saw design which comes along with the wheeled Gravity-Rise stand. The tabletop of the saw is fabricated using machine aluminum for enduring performance.
  • Ease of Use: The product handles bigger stocks with high ripping capacity. It’s compatible blades make the cutting process easier. The arbor lock system makes the blade changing process convenient and hassles free.
  • Cutting and Power: The saw could be used to make bevel cuts which vary from -2 – 47 degrees and Dado cuts varies from 13 – 16 inches. The product features 10-inch table saw with 3650 rpm.
  • Safety: Leave your inhibitions and be rest assured with Smart Guard System with first ever modular blade system. The added features are enhanced control while cutting material and high-level protection.
  • Warranty and support: The product is covered under 1-year manufacturer warranty and 30 days cash back guarantee.
• The t-slot miter gauge slides easily on the track for easy single handed operation.
• The riving knife helps in precision and control cutting.
• The product is engineered for rough use.
• Assembling of the stand is pretty difficult.
• The motor sound is little louder.
• Need to be little cautious with blade adjustment.


Pro Tip: As a job site saw it’s a precise choice and worth buying. For 1/64 accuracy work might be tough but not impossible, one can try. Upgrading the blade could be added advantage.

Review: The product will not disappoint you and the added features of the product will amaze you rather. The Smart Guard system comprises of blade–guard which gives extra protection and safety. Many people are afraid to use saw table due to its sharp blades. But at Bosch, we understand consumers need.

Bottom Line: The anti-kickback pawls and riving knife system has made the product all-time favorite for the consumers. The efficient control and maximum visibility have given the product a separate niche in the market.

3.Dewalt DWE7491RS Table Saw:

DEWALT introduces more efficient and upgraded precision table saw in the market for all your day to day cutting need. The product satisfies your quest of accurate and smooth cutting tool with 10-inch and 24-tooth carbide blade.

The corded electric saw table is mighty and quickly rips off hardwood without any hassle. The versatile rack and pinion fence system are added advantage.

  • Design: The sturdy wheels of the rolling stand help to move the saw table with ease and comfort. An extra 2-inch dust collector is connected to a vacuum for maximum debris collection.
  • Ease of Use: The DEWALT rip fence makes the cutting task simple with its embedded powerful saw. Your day to day work could be accomplished with ease such as ripping floor boards, trimming materials etc.
  • Cutting and Power: The mighty little portable saw offers a depth of cut up to 2-1/4 inch at 45 degrees and 3-1/8 inch depth at 90 degrees. The 15 amp motor power rips off any type of hardwood.
  • Safety: The narrow rip cuts can be done without any fear with rack and pinion fence system and hence making the fence system smooth and fast. The telescopic fence system gives better visibility while cutting.
  • Warranty and support: The product aims at consumer satisfaction that is why it provides 3 years of limited warranty along with 1 year of free service and 90 days guaranteed money back option.
• Prolific for hardwood precision cutting.
• One can easily handle the table saw at the jobsite.
• 2 inches dust accumulation port helps to maintain cleanliness.
• The saw table is made up of long lasting material.
• The booklet in regards to the assembling of a stand is vague.
• The access to the front bolts of the saw is little difficult.


Pro Tips: The product apparently meets all the basic needs while carrying out any carpentry work. Though few suggestions which should be highlighted are – the dado blade size is limited to 8 inches to 8 1/2 inches.

Review: The product gives a cut-throat competition to the similar products available in the market. The accurate ripping capacity along with narrow ripping and sturdy adjustable rolling stand makes the product portable and mobile. The durable aluminum fabricated table top makes the product reliable. The Site-Pro guard components and push stick are easily accessible when the product is idle.

Bottom Line: The jobsite table saw is much in demand and DEWALT has made it available to the consumers with all the required features such as rolling stand, miter gauge, and push stick etc.

4.Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw:

The unique all steel base design makes the product durable and rust free. The improved and upgraded capacity helps to accomplish the task without any impediments.

The bottom storage is an added feature to store various tools such as smart guard, miter gauge, wrenches, and rip fence. The table saw is as mighty as any other saw tool and delivers the cuts without consuming any extra time.

  • Design: The portable and compact designs are one of the outstanding features of the product. It is designed with self- aligning Square Lock rip fence for the precise outcome and inevitable performance.
  • Ease of Use: The market is flooded with various similar products but the Bosch GTS 1031 is the light weight table saw which has incomparable performance and delivers the output at much faster rate.
  • Cutting and Power: The 10- inches diameter of the blades cuts depth accurately at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. The motor gives a power loaded performance of No load RPM of 5000 and consumes 120 Volts.
  • Safety: Safety is unquestionable with Bosch products and GTS 1031 is equipped with Smart Guard System modular blade guard for optimum protection while cutting the anti-kickback pawls and riving knife gives superior control.
  • Warranty and support: One year warranty against manufacturing defects and 30 days cash back guarantee along with 1-year free service protection plan.
• Fences glide easily along the rail and locks at the appropriate place for providing consistency during cutting.
• One handed carry handle due to the compact design.
• Portability of the product makes it easy to carry in the job site.
• The lever of the riving knife is made of plastic instead of steel.
• Throat plate is very flimsy and thin.


Pro Tips: A good deal for professional carpenter as it can easily cut hardwood with 5000 RPM and 4-HP motor speed. The product base has rubber fittings for a better stability.

Review: The smart guard system saves time and gives an accurate and requisite output. The superior control is evident while cutting with Rawls and Riving knife. The modular blades could be attached and detached without any hassle. The square locks rip fence help to reduce waste by providing cutting accuracy.

Bottom Line: The Bosch is a trustworthy brand and has a good reputation in the market. The compact job site saw table has many advantages which help to complete the task with ease.

5. SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw:

If you are a DIY-er who loves practicality more than fancy, then this table saw does it for you quite well.

If you are looking for a table saw at a cheaper rate (and when we say cheap, we refer only to the price here) then this is probably the best choice for you.

Best suited for newbie’s in DIY and for those who do woodwork very rarely!

  • Design: Constructed in heavy duty steel, the product offers stability while working and yet is light enough to ensure portability. The foldable stand also helps the cause but there are no wheels to support the weight.
  • Ease of use: With measurements marked precisely, the saw is the best buy for any beginner to woodwork. Completely practical in terms of use and is also easy to store away when not in use.
  • Cutting and power: The 15 amp motor provides 5000 RPM which means it can cut with precision and in personal experience I can vouch that it can through 3.5 inches of thickness at 90degrees.
  • Safety: Blade guard to keep you safe during operation and a riving knife to stop a form of kickback. And you can store away all tools and attachments on the onboard storage.
  • Warranty and support: The product comes with a money back guarantee for the first 30 days and a 1-year warranty on the product itself after the buy.
• Affordably priced and great value for money.
• Doesn’t occupy space and easy to store.
• Apt blade speed for a professional cut.
• There is no port for collection of the saw dust. It is therefore not apt for using it within the house or rather requires a lot of cleaning post the work

Pro tip: Make sure to check the blade alignment so that it doesn’t collide with the insert. The user manual will help you to learn more about the usage and make you a pro.

Review: The SKIL 3410-02 has had many positive reviews with very few negative comments. The major issue highlighted by many was the absence of a dust collection port which is again something you can live with. At the price this is offered, the product is definitely worthy of the expectations and it definitely outlives your demands.

Bottom line: The saw is best suited for newbies in DIY both in terms of precision cuts and in terms of pricing. With basic features, the product definitely lives beyond the expectations.

6. Dewalt DWE7480 Table Saw:

Dewalt is a well-known name in the manufacturing of table saws. They have a table saw to suit almost everyone’s need and to match with the expectations of everyone’s requirement from power to safety.

The DWE7480 is among the smallest of the models with a 10” blade and comes with features worth the money you pay.

  • Design: The table saw makes use of supreme quality aluminum, plastic and hard steel in its making. The chassis is modeled like a roll cage and is helpful in protecting the unit. While the blade is of decent quality, the miter gauge and the push stick are just average.
  • Ease of use: The potential of the table saw to cut and the clear and precise markings for measurement makes it an easy to use tool for everyone, in specific to the professionals. And the compact make ensures easy portability too.
  • Cutting and power: The rip is at 24 inches which is definitely a grade above the DW745 version from the same brand. And the unit comes with a power of 15Amps and it is advised to have it connected to an outlet 20Amps.
  • Safety: It comes with a push stick which helps avoid pushing through by hand, when it can be dangerous. The unit also comes with a riving knife and a kick back mechanism to keep you safe if the blade catches up.
  • Warranty and support: The table saw is accompanied by a 3 year warranty on the product and a complete manual on how to make use of the saw. There is also free maintenance for a year on regular wear and tear.
• Highly durable and yet lighter in weight.
• The fence is of the best quality in the market.
• The blade has a carbide tip.
• The capacity of the rip is quite decent.
• The push stick is not on par and so is the miter gauge.
• Blade alignment to be done manually.


Pro Tip: Read the manual carefully for it has every detail for the saw to work flawlessly. For instance, the riving knife needs to be adjusted to move and get a precision cut.

Review: When it comes to reviewing a table saw, the performance is the most important factor to take into Consideration. And in that respect, this unit definitely surpasses expectations. The table saw can cut through any hard wood including oak and is silk as smooth when cutting through ply and composites.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a portable table saw that offers easy portability and a good power, then this is definitely your solution. Not only does this provide you the value for your money, but the warranty definitely is unmatched with many other brands.

7.Craftsman 28461

At a relatively affordable pricing, the Craftsman 28461 has everything you need from a table saw, unless you are looking to use it professionally.

As far as the uses are not often and you are not planning to do some heavy duty work, the Craftsman definitely provides you with a better option than many. Let us check it in detail now.

  • Design: The unit has been designed to be assembled by the user and one can say that the Construction while worth the price is not exactly optimal. The tool is clearly designed for household and hobby works and not for the professional environment.
  • Ease of Use: The unit is lighter in weight and yet is not easily portable. This is because the design is such that it has to be affixed to the provided stand which makes portability cumbersome. Otherwise, the unit is simple to use.
  • Cutting and power: Equipped with a powerful 15Amp electric motor, the unit does provide good cutting power and with a longer shelf life. However, they are not meant for a production environment.
  • Safety: There is a safety key without which you cannot power on the unit, and the spare for this key is easily available in the market too. The kickback pawl and transparent guard for blade are other features to keep you safe.
  • Warranty and support: The product comes with a warranty for one year which covers the overall design and the materials used in the Construction of the product.
• Efficient cutting when doing lighter jobs.
• For every accessory provided, there is a clip on the product.
• Affordably priced and comes with a clear manual of instructions.
• Build of the design is not consistent.
• Incompatibility with the dado blades..


Pro Tip: The user manual has everything that you could ask for. The important point to note though is to ensure that you don’t go beyond the thickness recommended by the manufacturer.

Review: As you can see from the above, the unit stands out in some sections but compromises in a few, which is expected at this price range. There are some inconsistencies reported in Construction but from an overall perspective, this is a good product for those who want to do a few jobs at home.

Bottom line: Even though the Craftsman unit has a few negatives, the saw is definitely value for money and is much suited for beginners.

8. Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw:

More often than not, if your table saw has one quality then there might be a compromise somewhere in the Construction that you have to live with.

However, the Rockwell RK7241S doesn’t just provide you with powerful and precision cutting but has the laser technology which ensures accuracy in the final outcome. Let us know more in detail.

  • Design: The design of this table saw includes a support to handle the out feed so that you don’t have to keep a saw horse or roller or even an additional table to collect the wood. The laser technology is definitely one of its kinds for a table saw.
  • Ease of use: Not only does this table saw comes with wheels making it easy to move around but it is quite easy to use despite the extremely complex and advanced features. Comes fully assembled saving you the time on that too!
  • Cutting and power: The model uses the most common 15Amp motor and yet the 4800RPM with no load is definitely a “cutting” edge over others. The capacity is 4 times better with the 10” blade.
  • Safety: The tool less blade guard ensures that your hand doesn’t come before the rotating blade and the anti-kickback keeps your hand from getting injured due to a jolt or a backlash.
  • Warranty and support: The product comes with a warranty for two years and during this period, any defective part is also replaced by the company.
• Precision and heavy duty cutting made easy.
• Supports dado blades.
• Laser technology to offer you with unmatched precision and power in cutting.
• Easily portable with wheels under the case.
• The fencing and the blade is not aligned right and there is no option to adjust the fencing with the blade.


Pro Tip: While there is no flaw with the product, it would serve you better to ensure that the alignment is right before you buy the product.

Review: Rockwell is a new entrant in the table saw industry and yet they have managed to capture customer expectations precisely. Whether it is pressure treated lumber or plywood or hardwood, you can expect excellent cutting with the Rockwell RK7241S. The table saw is portable thanks to the wheels and is quite pragmatic in an application.

Bottom line: If precision, portability, and power are what you are looking for in a table saw, then you will definitely find this table saw to live up to your expectations.

9. Dewalt DWE7490X Table Saw:

Here we bring to you yet another table saw from the famous manufacturer Dewalt. When compared to the previous DWE7480, you can call this an upgrade with more features.

Of course, it is not smaller and can be quite heavy and is definitely not meant for those who want to lug their table saws around. And yet you can definitely transport them from one place to another.

  • Design: The unit has accurate adjustments for fence and the design makes way for even the narrowest of the cuts. The unit comes with a foldable stand along with a 10” blade and other accessories.
  • Ease of use: If you have been a user of the table saws, then you would not find this to be tough to read. However, the user manual is extensive and comprehensive in providing every single detail.
  • Cutting and power: The motor used in this saw is so powerful that you will find that it works smoothly through both remanufactured and compressed materials. The rip capacity is also higher than other models in the market.
  • Safety: The usual blade guard, riving knife and anti kickback systems are part of the unit. The anti kickback being the most useful for it keeps you from getting hurt while sawing.
  • Warranty and support: Dewalt provides a three year warranty, which is limited and also covers defects. There is a maintenance warranty for one year too.
• Rip fence is accurate and precise.
• Supports dado blades.
• The Rip capacity is higher than other saws.
• Blade is not of the best quality.
• Miter gauge may not be what an experienced contractor would want.

Pro Tip: If you have magnetic parts to use along, then you would not find it to be compatible with the table top that is made of aluminum. The user manual should help in other details extensively.

Review: The table saw definitely has one of the highest ratings in the customer reviews across forums and if you look at the price and add the fact that shipping is free and the features, this saw is definitely a good upgrade from your beginner level table saw.

Bottom Line: Like in every Dewalt table saw, you will find that this model also boasts of stronger materials and better features in its Construction. The Cons are considerably negligible in view of the Pros and a good buy for your money.

10. Rockwell RK72401 Table Saw:

In line with many other leading brands, Rockwell is relatively new to the table saw market and yet they have managed to attract us with some really innovative features in their table saws. The RK72401 lives up to the expectations from the brand with its compact size and extensive features. Needless to say using these can really remove the stress from working on woods.

The RK72401 lives up to the expectations from the brand with its compact size and extensive features. Needless to say using these can really remove the stress from working on woods.

  • Design: The design used here is that of the open leg and with only 33 lbs, this is one of the smallest, compact and light weight table saws. Cast aluminum Construction also ensures a precision cut.
  • Ease of use: The table saw is easy to use like every other and with the easy to carry around feature, is definitely a more endearing option in table saws.
  • Cutting and power: The motor is equipped majority of the cutting and make it smooth at that with a 13Amp power motor. The adjustable blade can help improve the depth as per your expectations.
  • Safety: The unit comes with a conspicuous safety switch to ensure your safety as you cut through blocks of wood. This is in addition to other safety features like blade guard and riving knife.
  • Warranty and support: The product comes with a limited warranty for a period of two years from the company.
• Reasonably priced.
• Smoother and efficient cuts.
• Ample accessories to handle different cutting jobs.
• Quality of the stand is not on par.
• The Rip fence requires Constant reset every few cuts.


Pro Tip: Make sure that you go through the user manual carefully and ensure that you buy the product from a verified retailer and with a warranty.

Review: The Rockwell RK72401 is probably not a recommended product for the professionals. But it is definitely a good one for the beginners. It is easy to use and simple to assemble. The user manual is extensive and the cuts are efficient and smooth. The aluminum table stand is long lasting though not sturdy.

Bottom line: There are a few features which could have been constructed much better than what it is now and yet this table saw, with easy portable feature is a good accompaniment for beginners.

Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews:

As you can very well infer from the name, these table saws combine the best of the contractor table saw and a cabinet saw in its working. I have listed 3 Best Hybrid Table Saw 2018 below.

1. Grizzly G0715P Table Saw:

The Polar bear series hybrid table saw comes with the more convenient feature of both contractor and cabinet style. The dust control feature maintains the cleanliness during the work process.

The Serpentine pulley and belt system reduces noise and helps to accomplish the work quietly and efficiently. The white powder coated cabinet paint gives the product an amazing look.

  • Design: The contractor saw enables the user to carry tough high-end cutting work easily. It’s design help to perform precision ground cutting without any hassle. The approachable height of the table makes the task easier.
  • Ease of Use: The Camlock T-shaped fence easily glides and which gives an accuracy of work. The serpentine pulley and belt help to decrease the unwanted noise and provide efficient power transfer.
  • Cutting and Power: The riving knife and T shaped fence deliver a precision cutting with less dust debris. The powerful 2 HP motor capacity helps at accurate and precise ground cutting. The heavy duty contractor saw carries out the task with ease.
  • Safety: The non-through cutting operations can be executed without any danger as the interchangeable riving knives provide protection for such cutting process. Also, the anti-kickback pawls help at right positioning.
  • Warranty and support: The product comes with 1 year of warranty from the original purchase date.
• Combination of contractor style and cabinet style.
• Camlock T shaped fence for precision cutting requirements.
• Easy-glide fence system for smooth functioning.
• Along with regular blades, dado blades are also included.
• The warranty period should be more.
• Assembling of parts requires patience.
• An improved and well-informed customer support is requisite.


Pro Tips: Do not hesitate to cut plywood and solid ¾ inches pine as the heavy duty saw cuts it with ease. Lubricating the parts is mandatory for proper functioning as mentioned in the manual.

Review: Overall it’s a good product for day to day carpentry work. Too much of wear and tear it might not handle but if properly used could be proved as long lasting.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a table saw with high ripping capacity and accurate in-depth cutting. Then this is the brand you should choose for yourself.

2. Shop Fox W1824 Table Saw:

The brand has endeavored to bring a quality and multi-purpose saw table for its Consumers. The quality is evident with its precision ground cutting feature along with Camlock T shaped fence system with HDPE face for precise cutting output.

The product introduces an additional feature for more convenience that is low- friction extension stand and serpentine belt and pulley system for added work comfort.

  • Design: It is an amalgamation of contractor style saw which can execute heavy duty work and cabinet style saw. The dust control feature helps to minimize debris. The riving knife adds an extra credibility to the product.
  • Ease of Use: The saw table comes with an extension stand which is adjustable from 27 inches to 55 inches. Also, the table height from the ground level is 34 inches, thus it is convenient to execute the cutting process.
  • Cutting and Power: The riving knife prevents the work piece from pinching backside blade which may cause kickback. The motor power is 2HP which requires 110/220 V for single phase.
  • Safety: The quick release blade guard with independent lifting sides reduces injuries and miss-happenings. The clear guard enables the user to view the cutting process during operation. Anti-kickback pawls allow the work piece to move in one direction.
  • Warranty and support: The product is covered with 2 years of warranty from the date of purchase.
• Superior quality fence adjustment with rack and pinion telescoping fence rails.
• Awesome 24’’ of rip capacity for cutting various larger shelving and trimming.
• The product weighs 48 Lbs. which enables to move the saw table with ease.
• Sometimes the clamping of fence becomes little tedious to handle.
• The weight could have been little lighter for added convenience.


Pro Tips: The adjustments should be done before installing wings and fence rail for your own convenience.

Review: It’s one of the competitive brands in the market which meets most of the expectation of the buyer. Cast iron trunnions, serpent belt and pulley system, Blade guard and riving knife are the few of the features which make the product desirable by all.

Bottom Line: The product is a worth purchase with all lucrative features. Then do not wait any longer. Grab the Shop Fox product today for your day to day needs.

3.Woodtek 159665 Table Saw:

For those who were worried about placing their saw table appropriately at a place. The WOODTEK brings its innovation in the market which will have ease of placement anywhere in the shop or at home.

The machinery table saw has a built in tripod caster system. The product is incorporated with 10-inches blade and 52-inches fence. The cast iron table top gives durability.

  • Design: The T-square fence system delivers precision cutting with 30-inches ripping capacity. The product efficiently accumulates the debris from blade shroud with duplex dust port system and due to enclosed cabinet base.
  • Ease of use: Due to tripod caster system with ease, one can place the machinery saw table at a convenient place. The see-through blade guard enables to view the cutting process for added convenience.
  • Cutting and power: The product comes with 2 HP motor power and 1PH voltage. The blade diameter is 10-inches for accurate and in-depth cutting. It delivers 35-inches precise in-depth cutting at 90 degrees.
  • Safety: The riving knife splitter has a visible blade guard provides protection and safety while cutting the work piece. The rail mounted switch along with large paddle style is an added advantage.
  • Warranty and support: The Woodtek hybrid and versatile machinery table saw are available with 1 year of manufacturer warranty for parts and workmanship.
• 52-inches extension helps to cut sheet wood easily.
• The product comes with digital blade angle gauge for more convenience.
• The miter gauge is included however, you can upgrade as per requirement.
• The wiring diagram in the manual is vague to understand.
• The extension legs are not strong enough to bear the load.


Pro Tip: The power is quite efficient i.e. 115V to 230V for cutting a piece of wood precisely. It provides in-depth cutting of 35-inches at 90 degrees and 3-1/4 inches in-depth cut at 45 degrees.

Review: The built-in tripod with castor system is for relocation convenience. The cast- iron table top for extra durability. 30-inches ripping capacity are all the amazing features of the WOODTEK hybrid table saw. The Euro style dust accumulator collects the dust shrouds from cabinet and blade without any hassle with ease.

Bottom line: The product is must buy for those who are looking for hybrid machinery saw table with extension. The power support and saw table feature support precision cutting. It meets the daily requirements of a carpentry work.

Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews:

we know that hybrid models do take a lot from the cabinet table saws, so it is basically the cabinet table saws that are the originals. Here is the list of 3 Best Cabinet Table Saw.

1.SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 Table Saw:

The product quenches the thirst of professionals as well as for amateurs with incredible patent Saw stop Safety System. Be assured of smooth operation due to 52-inches T-glide Fence system.

The product includes extensive work space for convenient cutting with accuracy. It’s enchanting and keen look adds an extra spark to the product. So don’t think twice get it right away to accomplish your dreams.

  • Design: The immaculate finish of the product is the first attraction. Secondly amazing security saw stop system halts in millisecond no sooner it recognizes any contact with the blade. The cabinet saw delivers professional cuts.
  • Ease of use: Using the saw table is trouble free as the dust collection is done in an efficient way without any worry of untidiness of shrouds. Use the product with a peace of mind along with assurance.
  • Cutting and Power: The professional saw table has 3HP motor strength along with 220 V power supply requirements. The diameter of the blade is 10-inches which delivers 5/8 inches cut.
  • Safety: The safety while operating the unit is of foremost importance that is why it is incorporated with patent Saw Stop Safety system. Riving knife decreases kickbacks and provides protection for non-through cuts.
  • Warranty and support: The product is available in the market with one-year limited warranty. In order to get warranty coverage call customer service after the purchase.
• 10-inches each 40 carbide blades.
• Dust accumulation blade guard for worry free operation.
• Riving Knife decreases the kickback.
• Easy and quick mobility with two pivoting and stationary casters.
• The extension table is thinly laminated rather a strong one.
• The motor housing door is not made up of good quality plastic.


Pro Tip: If you are worried about your safety then buy the product to save yourself from accident and amputations with Saw Stop safety system which integrated with the electronic detection system.

Review: The unit includes a professional cabinet saw with dust collection from above and bottom of the table. The left tilting blade prevents the wood from binding against the fence. The 220 V power requirements by the unit make it efficient for professionals and hobbyists. A safer saw with all the requisite features!

Bottom line: One of the most competitive professionals saw in the prevailing market with patent Saw Stop Safety System. Along with persuading your profession or hobby, you should be safe while operating such units.

2. Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw:

Do you remember the PM2000 series from Powermatic? Well, if you do then you can think of this as a bigger version of that model.

However, this is a much simpler and compact version of the popular table saw and is the perfect addition to your home making needs. If you love wood working as a hobby, then the features and the power of this table saw will be more than welcome to your interests.

  • Design: The stoutly built miter gauge and the T-square fence are the same as the predecessor PM2000 and helps provide you accurate cuts. The design provides an easy dial in for the settings and also the power ensures that the saw cuts through any piece of wood with precision.
  • Ease of use: It is easy to set up the table saw and the dust collection ensures that you don’t have to worry on cleaning up. The side leaves are independent which further makes it easy to use.
  • Cutting and power: The unit packs the same punch as its predecessor with table mounted trunnions and provisions to adjust blades as per requirement. Running on a mere 110V, the unit offers you the concise and accurate cut you want.
  • Safety: The unit features the standard safety requirements like the riving knife and blade guard which will keep you safe as you work on your projects.
  • Warranty and support: The unit comes with an unbelievable warranty of 5 years, an unmatched one in comparison to other similar table saws.
• The slabs are made of polyethylene which serves as a lubricant in letting the wood slide smoother.
• The switch on/off button is easy to reach the hip height.
• The settings are easily locked into place to give you an accurate cut.
• The power cord is not lengthy to drag around the room.


Pro Tip: If you find that the blade is not sawing, then you may want to check the polyvinyl drive belt and tighten the same. This is a common issue faced and this could help proceeding with your work unabatedly.

Review: If you are wondering how a table saw with a lesser HP can work well, you would really need to get this one and find out yourself. With easy installation features and compatibility with three different types of blades, the table saw definitely takes your projects to a different higher level.

Bottom line: If it is about getting a table saw, that runs on lesser power but provides you with all the features you would want from it, then PM1000 definitely lives to your imagination.

3. Grizzly G0690 Table Saw:

Looking for precision and accuracy in your cuts, then you should be looking for a Grizzly. They do not just run smooth but their delivery is splendid too.

When it comes to checking out cabinet table saws with 10” blades, you will find yourself looking at the Grizzly G0690 for sure. Constructed with premium quality materials, the saw is destined to help you complete a flawless job.

  • Design: Constructed to be robust, it offers amazing stability and is a combination of strength, stability and style all the Grizzly products are known for. Cast iron has been used in making the wings and the trunnions which ensures that you don’t have to worry about vibrations.
  • Ease of use: The design of the table provides you with enough space to work easily with the unit. While it may not present you with portability, you can still enjoy the saw within the confines of your home.
  • Cutting and power: The unit features a powerful motor that can deliver 4300 RPM and equipped with a triple V- belt you can be assured of this power getting efficiently transformed into a smooth cut.
  • Safety: Along with the regular features like blade guard and riving knife the unit also comes with the magnetic switch which is a bigger plus on your safety.
• Razor precision cuts with greater accuracy and power.
• Dust collection port to keep your work area clean.
• More stylish and completely sturdy to work on.
• A very heavy saw and many users find it difficult to assemble it.


Pro Tip: It would help to keep the length of the miter bar longer if you are using large feather boards so that it can support the force you apply when using the saw.

Review: The only thing you need to worry with the Grizzly is that you need additional help in building/assembling it. But apart from this only downside, you will not find yourself complaining on any other aspect of Grizzly G0690. Be it the wide berth to work on the table or the accurate cuts and the easy to move riving knife, it has everything you expect in a quality saw.

Bottom line: If you are looking to get a table saw that far exceeds your expectations, though a little expensive, then you are looking at Grizzly G0690. It has a longer life time too, and hence you can be guaranteed of every penny’s worth in this product.

Best Contractor Table Saw Reviews:

As the name reminds you, these saws are much preferred by the professionals in the market, the contractors. That is probably why the name. Here is the list of 3 Best Contractor Table Saw.

1.Dewalt DWE7491RS Table Saw:

DEWALT introduces more efficient and upgraded precision table saw in the market for all your day to day cutting need. The product satisfies your quest of accurate and smooth cutting tool with 10-inch and 24-tooth carbide blade.

The corded electric saw table is mighty and quickly rips off hardwood without any hassle. The versatile rack and pinion fence system are added advantage.

  • Design: The sturdy wheels of the rolling stand help to move the saw table with ease and comfort. An extra 2-inch dust collector is connected to a vacuum for maximum debris collection.
  • Ease of Use: The DEWALT rip fence makes the cutting task simple with its embedded powerful saw. Your day to day work could be accomplished with ease such as ripping floor boards, trimming materials etc.
  • Cutting and Power: The mighty little portable saw offers a depth of cut up to 2-1/4 inch at 45 degrees and 3-1/8 inch depth at 90 degrees. The 15 amp motor power rips off any type of hardwood.
  • Safety: The narrow rip cuts can be done without any fear with rack and pinion fence system and hence making the fence system smooth and fast. The telescopic fence system gives better visibility while cutting.
  • Warranty and support: The product aims at consumer satisfaction that is why it provides 3 years of limited warranty along with 1 year of free service and 90 days guaranteed money back option.
• Prolific for hardwood precision cutting.
• One can easily handle the table saw at the jobsite.
• 2 inches dust accumulation port helps to maintain cleanliness.
• The saw table is made up of long lasting material.
• The booklet in regards to the assembling of a stand is vague.
• The access to the front bolts of the saw is little difficult.


Pro Tips: The product apparently meets all the basic needs while carrying out any carpentry work. Though few suggestions which should be highlighted are – the dado blade size is limited to 8 inches to 8 1/2 inches.

Review: The product gives a cut-throat competition to the similar products available in the market. The accurate ripping capacity along with narrow ripping and sturdy adjustable rolling stand makes the product portable and mobile. The durable aluminum fabricated table top makes the product reliable. The Site-Pro guard components and push stick are easily accessible when the product is idle.

Bottom Line: The jobsite table saw is much in demand and DEWALT has made it available to the consumers with all the required features such as rolling stand, miter gauge, and push stick etc.

2. DEWALT DW744XRS Table Saw:

If moving a table saw is a cumbersome task, then it’s time to come out of your worries as DEWALT DW744XRS model is incorporated with rolling stand.

You need not worry about purchasing a separate stand. Another efficient feature of the product is 24.5 – inches ripping capacity along with telescopic fencing for better visibility during operation and execution of work.

  • Design: For fast smooth and accurate adjustment, the rack and pinion fence rails make the fencing task easy. The Site-Pro Modular Guarding system offers application specific setups which are easy to achieve.
  • Ease of use: It is incorporated with a 10- inch saw with a miter gauge. The 24-tooth carbide blade allows precision cutting with ease. The rolling stand allows convenient movement at the job site.
  • Cutting and power: Consistent performance is the promise of DEWALT table saw with 15 Amp power and torque. It delivers a quick and true cut at a no load speed of 3650 RPM.
  • Safety: The Site- pro modular guarding system enables a toll-free adjustment as per requirement for different applications. The kickback option while ripping helps to maintain Consistency while ripping.
  • Warranty and support: The warranty covers 3 years limited warranty along with 1-year free service contract, and 90- days cash back guarantee.
• Jobsite saw comes along with the mobile cart.
• Geared blade one turn elevation feature for raising and lowering the blade.
• Onboard drawer for accessory storage for quick use and access when required.
• The fence of the saw should be gear driven.
• Setting up saw takes little longer time.
• Low-quality Miter gauge.


Pro Tip: It is portable, not the huge table cabinet saw. The product is useful for completing wood work projects. The available carbide blade could be used in the absence of dado set.

Review: The Consistent motor speed with amazing and desired cut is the main attraction of the product. Partial sheets, hardwood plywood or fir plywood could be cut precisely and the saw delivers clean and true cuts. The compact stand is quite strong and reasonable. The ripping feature of the product is perfect.

Bottom line: The products impeccable feature makes it an outstanding table saw which is light-weight and sturdy. It delivers precise and true cuts. The High-quality cutting table saw is a choice of professionals and enthusiasts.

3. Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 Table Saw:

If carrying the table saw is your main concern while traveling then SAWSTOP JSS should be your priority. For the convenience of the user, the stand is expandable and could be collapsed whenever you are traveling.

Isn’t it amazing? There are few more incredible features which will make it your first choice in regards to the various table saw available in the market.

  • Design: The unique one turn elevation is an exclusive feature available only with JSS –MCA jobsite saw. The T-style fencing slides easily and locks firmly with an Ergo-lock feature for extra safety.
  • Ease of use: Raising and lowering the blade is swift and simple by turning the hand wheel once. The Ergo-lock feature amazingly locks the fence securely. The mobile cart convertible feature is extremely useful.
  • Cutting and power: The 40 tooth 10-inch each carbide blade delivers clean and true cuts. The powerful 1.5 HP is efficient to do any hardwood cutting with precision along with 4000 no load RPM.
  • Safety: The Saw-Stop safety helps all the users from confronting to any severe accidents or amputations. It stops in 90 seconds if it gets an electrical signal due to skin contact.
  • Warranty and support: The product is covered under one-year manufacturer warranty. The warranty could be extended under the extra protection plan.
• Superior quality fence adjustment with rack and pinion telescoping fence rails.
• Awesome 24’’ of rip capacity for cutting various larger shelving and trimming.
• The product weighs 48 Lbs. which enables to move the saw table with ease.
• Sometimes the clamping of fence becomes little tedious to handle.
• The weight could have been little lighter for added convenience.


Pro Tip: Upgrading the Miter gauge will be helpful. For those who want aligned blade angle can adjust the micro blade angle according to their requirement. Fence and cord could be stored in brackets.

Review: Innovative One-turn elevation, quick tilt blade for ideal alignment at 1-degree increment, Ergo-lock T-style fence locks firmly, and easy accesses to tools due to onboard storage are the few amazing feature of the product. Also, additional features such as expandable support are prolific to carry larger cutting tasks.

Bottom line: The product is must have for all the users who are looking for jobsite saws along with safety. The micro guard system enables the user to view the operation with protection.

Best Portable Table Saw Reviews:

The portability is the main feature in these saws and they are classified majorly into compact, jobsite and bench top saws. Here is the list of 3 Best Portable Table Saw.

1. SawStop JSS-MCA Table Saw:

The Saw Stop contractor saw provides flexibility and security at the workplace. It also offers firmness and versatility in work location. It ensures complete protection to the employees.

Its notable safety feature is remarkable brake mechanism which discovers finger or hand presence in connection with the blade of the saw in a jiffy. Around 100 multiple configurations makes it an ultimate product.

  • Design: The distinctive 36-inch T-Glide Fence structure delivers more intensity and accuracy. It has a stand with a table which can be extended with modifiable legs and 40 tooth combination blade.
  • Ease of use: It is one of the most error free saw available in the market. It’s massive swivel blades and firm table surface guarantees a secure and detailed cut, regardless of the arrangement.
  • Cutting and power: The maximum depth of left tilting blade cut is 31/8”, which intercept wood from swaddling in the fence. The 1.75 horsepower Contractor Saw is coactions of adjustability and exactness.
  • Safety: The Saw stop safety system has an astounding safety mechanism which identifies skin contact through electrical signals. Its power brake leads to the cessation of the spinning of the blade.
  • Warranty and support: It has a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase. Buyer can extend manufacturer’s warranty from customer service.
• Averts injury through its electrical detection and power brake mechanism.
• The Contractor saw can be arranged in varied ways as per requirement.
• It is suitable for workplaces with confined space.
• The support legs for the extension table are not very firm.
• The buyer has to pay extra for the dust accumulation port.


Pro Tip: The miter slots should be parallel to the blade and the fence in order to avoid any injury during operation. Adjust the spacing between the blade and brake cartridge.

Review: Easy to assembling of the saw with clearly labeled parts and unambiguous instructions. It’s specially designed blade sends electrical signals when skin comes in contact with the blade, activating the brake to pull up the spinning of the saw. Apart from its remarkable safety mechanism, its fineness and exactness are exceptional.

Bottom Line: SawStop with its commendable features like reliable safety measures, great accuracy, easy to assemble, and provision of arranging saw in different ways makes the entire experience of carpentry joyful.

2. Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 Table Saw:

The market is flooded with a various table saw but one which satisfies all your carpentry requirement is SKILSAW portable worm drive table saw.

Its exclusive worm drive saw gives persistent power supply along with higher torque. The brass – geared worm drive saw along with 15 Amp dual-field motor for long-lasting performance and high-speed cutting enhances the product usefulness.

  • Design: Self-aligning rip fence gives the comfort of cutting along with bevel adjustment from -1 to 46 degree for precision cutting. The 25- inches ripping capacity cuts 3 ½ inches depth of cut.
  • Ease of use: The impediment of handling difficult cuts reduces with efficient SKILSAW worm drive saw. The 49 lb. worm drive table saw is easy to move and setup at the job site.
  • Cutting and power: It’s a corded unit which requires a power supply of 120 volts or 1800 watts. The worm drive gear along with 25-inches ripping capacity delivers 3 ½ inches depth of cut.
  • Safety: The safety is imperative for all the saw table units but SKILSAW has taken some extra effort to provide better safety by incorporating Rip fence, Barrier guard assembly, and Anti-kickback device.
  • Warranty & Support: Along with 1 year of limited warranty onparts, the product comes with 180 days money back STAY TRUE guarantee.
• Consumer can repair and replace the product at any authorized SKILSAW service center.
• 30-tooth Diablo brand carbide blade for efficient cutting.
• 5300 no load RPM with 15 Amp motor power.
• Saw adjustment problem once the product received.
• Even the fence requires proper adjustment to mount on the table for proper functioning.


Pro Tip: It easily cuts hardwood, Birch plywood, and red wood. Also to raise the runners you can use nickels in the miter gauge. Lubricate the saw regularly and replace the brushes.

Review: It’s one of the products which every professional and amateur would like to use. The high-quality material used for longer durability such as first ever brass worm drive gearing for ripping with power and torque. The durable all steel roll cage has an admirable design along with the aluminum top.

Bottom line: The product is compact, portable, and powerful. It is capable of handling heavy duty work at the job site. Even the expansive cutting work could be operated with ease and comfort.

3. Delta 36-6022 Table Saw:

Delta products are synonymous with perfection. The Delta jobsite saw is available in charismatic black color along with a movable stand for convenient mobility.

The saw table is detachable for added portability. The unit is backed with 15 Amp power for the toughest of cutting operation such as hardwood. The wood shrouds are collected by 2.5 inches dust collection port.

  • Design: The ergonomically designed Delta jobsite tool is designed for professionals such as contractors and also suitable for hobbyists. The one-step release stand and large wheels are for added convenience and mobility.
  • Ease of use: The portable table saw is detachable and comes with a stand for easy mobility at the various job sites. The toughest of work piece could be cut without any hassle.
  • Cutting and power: The saw table Consumes 110 Volts or 1800 watts. The motor power is efficient to cut toughest of material with ease and peace of mind along with 30-inches of ripping capacity.
  • Safety: The 3-way guarding system is for extra protection for users. The anti-kickback pawls and riving knife adds Consistency to the product while cutting. Extra protection coverage could be added separately.
  • Warranty and support: The manufacturer provides incredible 5- years warranty on the product. For warranty, related issues visit the website or call customer support.
• No load 5000 RPM.
• 3.5-inches of cutting depth at 90 degrees and 2.5-inches at 45 degrees.
• 30-inches ripping capacity for precision cutting.
• 2.5-inches dust accumulator port.
• Large on/off switches.
• Flimsy plate insert.
• The extension stand could have been stronger.
• Item could have been little lighter than 75 pounds.


Pro Tip: The fence is perpendicular to the table, it requires minor adjustment to set the fence square along with the blade. File the entrance and exit points of Miter slots.

Review: The dimension of the product is 36*48*34.8 inches. Placing the table saw is trouble-free. Along with adjustable large wheel stand the movement of the unit is hassle free on the jobsite. The attractive black color adds beauty along with the non-compromised quality of the product. The 5 years warranty is an add-on.

Bottom Line: The powerful 15 Amp motor, industry standard tools and 30-inches ripping capacity are the few important features of the product. Why wait any longer, grab it before it exhaust.

Types of Table saws:

Hybrid Table Saw:

As you can very well infer from the name, these table saws combine the best of the contractor table saw and a cabinet saw in its working. Not only are these table saws lighter to carry around but they also run with little to no noise. As far as their benefits go,

So if you love working in silence or listening to your favorite music, then your hybrid table saw is not going to interfere with your interest. Another point of interest with the hybrid table saws is that they work seamlessly and with a much better speed than the conventional models.

  • A better dust collection.
  • Motor is fit into an enclosure at the base and not hanging on the back.
  • Higher fencing in quite a few models.
  • Drive belt and gearing is more advanced.
  • Powerful motor which can be run from a 110V outlet.
  • Precise alignment can be made between the miter gauge and the blade for an accurate cut.
  • The trunnions are sturdier offering more stability.
  • Affordably priced with the same features as the cabinet table saw.

Cabinet Table Saw:

You can say that these are the most powerful of the lot and has features that are far more advanced than what you would find in any other model saw. If one has to list down the advantages of these table saws, we can say,

In terms of appearance, you will find them to be same as the hybrid ones. Of course, we know that hybrid models do take a lot from the cabinet table saws, so it is basically the cabinet table saws that are the originals.

  • The best part with the cabinet table saws is that every single component is made to last longer with sturdy and premium materials. This means that the saw is intended for some heavy action.
  • High precision cuts but the unit is quite bulky and is intended for a longer lifetime.
  • Accurate fences with no need for frequent readjustments.
  • Highly powerful motor which requires a power outlet of 240V.
  • Can cut through any material from hardwood to plywood.
  • Not portable for they are heavy but highly stable.

Contractor Table Saw:

As the name reminds you, these saws are much preferred by the professionals in the market, the contractors. That is probably why the name. They are looked upon as an alternative to fully equipped, larger cabinet saws and they are mostly stationary. They did come in portable models but we do not find them much these days. They have induction motors on the outboard with a belt drive.

Over the years they have taken upon motors that are more powerful which have caused the product to become bulkier and not easy to carry around. Given that they have outboard motors, they need longer belts. Also with the amount of vibration and the inability to collect dust, you can say they have lost their charm to the other models in the market.

Yet, they are cheaper than the cabinet models and are preferred by many professionals and hobbyists if they want a permanent setup. The age is that of portable saws now and yet you will still find the stationary contractor saws but they are mostly models from the past decade.

Portable Table Saw:

The portability is the main feature in these saws and they are classified majorly into compact, jobsite and bench top saws. The common factor in these saws is that they use materials that are lighter in their Construction so that you can easily transport them.

  • Bench top saws: Now these are lighter in weight and easy to carry and use. They are also priced cheaper and are meant for those who are looking to perform some light jobs. They don’t come with a wheel or a unit to carry around but their lighter weight means that they are portable. They are smaller in size and come with a limited rip capacity.
  • Compact table saws: Stemming from the bench top saws, these come with additional table tops in cast iron and stands. While it might look like a fully equipped table saw they are lacking in terms of size and rip capacity to the conventional table saws.

Jobsite Saws:

Also referred to as the portable contractor saws, they are sturdier and provide you with precisely cut materials. The foldable stands makes way for more space and the storage space onboard allows you to keep your tools handy. Overall, you can say they are an upgrade in comparison to the bench top and compact models but yet lighter in weight.

Best Table Saw Brands:

Dewalt Table Saw

Dewalt offers the best range of Table saws in all the price ranges. The cutting needs for the Construction professionals and the hobbyists are gladly met with their excellent stability and super sharp blade. Perfectly designed so that you can conveniently operate, these table saws rip through the chunks of wood in no time. It comes in various sizes, varieties, colors and weights to best fit your cutting requirements and hence a huge value for money. When it comes to best brands in power tools market, Dewalt is a much preferred brand, especially when you have to deal with huge projects.

Bosch Table Saw

The company has been in existence for more than a century producing world class tool kits across multiple industries. From the hammer drill in 1932, they have come a long way in producing powerful and innovative tools and table saws are just another addition to their expanding business. Bosch offers all type of portable and stationary table saws, each offering precision cuts with finer adjustments and angles. Be it the rip capacity or the motor power, Bosch retains its reputation for being a reliable brand. And there are no worries on the user safety either when you are using the Bosch saws.

Craftsman Table Saw

Described as “Powerful”, Craftsman power tools are indeed popular in the market. From early 20’s, this company that has been continuously serving the people with their wide variety of products such as power tools, Hand tools, craftsman gear and much more. This popular brand is producing table saws of high quality and with a variety of useful features for a long time. All their table saws are perfectly crafted with many safety features that never allow a kick back in the middle of a cut. Ripping through the wood easily as well as cleanly with no compromise on safety is the highlighting feature about them.

Powermatic Table Saw

Born in a family farm, Powermatic was just selling planning machines at its initial stages. The quality and efficiency of these machines have gained much profit and earned this name as well. Several new products including Table saw was introduced soon after this recognition and is considered as a True craftsman’s tools. Powermatic Table saws come in 20 different configurations, superior Construction, precision cutting property and legendary accu-fence system. Its vibration free working surface along with the safety features helps even non-professionals to rip through the wood with great precision. It has a solid body engineered with a powerful motor and hence a favorite for all the wood workers.

Rockwell Table Saw

One of the most often used power as well as hand tools belongs to Rockwell Tools. Be it professional or private, the tools of this brand are a common sight. They started by selling OEM tools primarily later have branched out by manufacturing tools and lawn care accessories. Chop those extremely rugged woods using powerful Rockwell table saws to attain allow higher benefits. They are reliable and highly productive because of its laser precision that never sacrifices on its power too. Many safety features such as blade guard, splitters and anti kick back pawls, sensors, Riving knife, push stick and magnetic switch is commonly installed in most of its models.

SawStop Table Saw

Recognized as North America’s number one saw, Sawstop is a renowned brand in the industry. When they got first launched on the market in 2005, they addressed the biggest problem of saw injuries by stopping the fast spinning blade within 5 milliseconds. Best engineers have designed the Table saw especially serve the very purpose of wood workers. Starting from the design part, each step is inspected thoroughly to produce a Table saw that does precision cuts and lasting performance. Quick and easy set up allows any person to build this saw easily within minutes. Be it a contractor or hobbyists, Sawstop Table saw is the most preferred brand.

Best Table Saw Accessories:

If you want to improve your wood work or you want to take your wood work projects to a better level, then you should definitely consider investing in some accessories for your table saw. Here are some common and worthy accessories that you can find for your table saw. Of course, the accessories that you buy will depend on the kind of project you are working on.

1. A digital angle gauge: This can come in real handy if you are cutting bevels. Before the invention of this gauge, it was always a testing time when you have to cut bevels. With this gauge, you can easily find the angle, however tiny it is and do that at the first crack too. All you need to do for using it is place this on the table of your table saw and ensure that the magnetic base of this gauge is firmly placed on the blade. Tilt the gauge so that the reader is facing you and it is easy for you to read the angle.

2. Dado blade stacks: If you love making cabinets, then you definitely want to have your own dado blade stack. Of course what you need first is a combination blade but it is closely followed by the dado blade. With these in place, you can easily get into cutting grooves, dadoes and rabbets as you please.
3. Saw dust collector: It is one thing to work on your table saw, making your little home projects. But imagine having to clean up after the day’s work. Well, you can make it easy by simply adding a saw dust collector to your accessory list, if it is not already part of the table saw that you buy. This way you can save time cleaning your house every time you have to work on your project.

4. Feather board: These are efficient when you don’t want to stick your fingers too close to the blade but you have to reach there. While many people do support magnetic feather boards, we would say try Grip tite ones. Magnetic feather boards will not stick on aluminum or steel table tops, but Grip tite will provide you a better option irrespective of the surface you have to use them on. This is an added safety to your hands.

5. Push stick and push pads: These are definitive additions to everyone’s tool kit and are generally part of the table saw unit. In case you do not know where is yours, it is time that you invest in getting you another pair. Keeping this nearby when you are working will help you from getting your fingers too close to danger. These are not very expensive and are easily available too.

Apart from the above there are many other accessories like safety power switch, belt to replace your old V-belt, mobile base if your unit doesn’t have one, etc. Choose what you want and invest based on your requirements and enjoy time working on your wood projects.

How To Choose A Table Saw?

The first step is of course to choose the kind of table saw that you want from the cabinet, contractor, portable and hybrid varieties. This will depend on the kind of use you have for them. Let us now look at other factors that you should consider.

  1. Power of the motor: This is the most important factor despite the type of saw you want to buy. You have to choose a saw that offers a higher HP (Horse Power) as output. Again when you are choosing a higher HP you need to bear in mind, the requirement on the input current will also vary accordingly. For you to get 1.5-2 HP, you need 120V but again this may not work when you have to cut hardwoods thicker than 2”. In case of 3-5 HP table saws, you need a 240V input requirement but it will cut through any material. The only concern will be on the kickback and therefore your safety.
  2. Ease of use: This is utmost important whether you are a pro or a beginner. You don’t want to be spending hours understanding how to use your saw or expending samples trying to understand the workings.
  3. Fence: Want to avoid kickbacks? Then you need a fence that is parallel to the blade and doesn’t wobble off. However you cannot have a fence that cannot be adjusted either. You need a fence that is sturdy and yet adjustable.
  4. Miter gauge: If you are looking for accurate cuts that you need the miter gauge to fit in perfectly in its slot and should also be easily adjustable to your measurements. There are rectangular and T-slots in the market while the former will fit into a T-slot, the latter cannot. It is a handy feature to have in your table saw.
  5. Safety: When we speak of safety, there are multiple features that ensure it in a table saw. The most important of course is its ability to prevent kickback. And to do so, you can have a riving knife or a splitter to prevent kickback. But we feel that riving knife will do a better job. When it comes to splitter it stays fixed in position and often gets removed. However the riving knife adjusts with the movement and stays in place to provide you the best protection. Of course, you have to take other safety features into Consideration too.

Why You Should Invest In Table Saw?

Every wood working shop or a wood work hobbyist space would feel empty without a table saw. The ignorant ones might wonder why a ripping machine, would play such an important role on a wood maker table. The real fact is that table saw is not just a mere ripping machine. It is much more than that and if you are into wood working then you would know it. Here are a few things that a table saw is capable of and also the reason why you should get one for your workshop.

  • Ripping: Of course the very obvious reason for having a table saw is ripping. One might argue that this can be accomplished with a band saw. But will it provide you a cut of the best quality and precision? Now that is questionable. With table saws, the only problem has been the safety when you have a kickback which is also being addressed by many producers with the riving knife and other safety mechanisms. If you are looking for a smooth cut, then you can look no further than the table saw.
  • Cross cutting: As far as cross cutting goes, one can never contest the quality and accuracy of the cut from a table saw. With miter gauge that is easily adjustable and fine tuned to your measurements, you are definitely getting what you want and not compromising with another.
  • Dados: In this case, though you might find that the router does a better dado cut than the table saw. And yet do you really want another tool in your workshop merely because you don’t trust your table saw to deliver? Most of the table saws come with the compatibility to fit dado blades, making it an all in one specialist.
  • Bevels: These, as you know are angled cuts and are a little tricky to make, even when you have a table saw. Yes, you might argue that a band or a circular saw can help with it. But imagine having to cut a narrow piece into a narrow angled miter or bevel. You will not find a better substitute than a table saw here.

As you can see, most of the cuts require a different saw like band saw, jigsaw, circular saw, etc. to replace the table saw. Table saw encompasses all. Isn’t that a worthy enough reason to have a single tool for all your requirements in the workshop?

Why Trust Us?

Once the decision to buy a table saw is done and you have decided on the type, you have to look through multiple brands, compare their features and of course the price to choose that which will best suit your needs and your wallet. And this will take a long time! But what if you could find everything in a single place? The different brands, what they offer, the features of every table saw, their Pros and Cons and what customers feel about it and more! That is exactly what we strive to provide you on this page.

There might be several reviews on the website on the different table saws available in the market. But given below are reasons on why you should consider us.

  • Reliability: The information we provide on every table saw comes from a variety of sources and after proper verification ensuring that you only have the most reliable information on hand.
  • Detail: We know what you are looking for and what you should look for in a table saw and hence we provide you the most important details like their power, safety and warranty information.
  • Concise: Our effort is to provide you with Consistent and concise information. You will not have to go through pages of information but find what you need in just a few lines. Yes, the information is provided crisply for your Consumption, saving you both the effort in searching and the time in reading.
  • Comprehensive: What we have here is not just a bland review on a few types of table saws. We have strived to cover every leading brand as part of the review. The review is not just of the table saw, but there is information about the brand, tips to use table saws, a buying guide and much more. It also has information on table saw maintenance. You can call this as your comprehensive book of anything and everything about table saw.

When you want to take up wood working either professionally or as a hobby, table saw becomes an imminent part of your activity. We had already given you a brief preview into everything a table saw can do for you. Knowing what you need and buying the saw that matches your requirements requires a lot of research. We have made it simple by doing the research on your behalf and providing the results in a concise manner.

How To Use A Table Saw?

  • Safety first: Despite the kind of table saw you use, you have to make sure that your safety is not compromised at any point. Wear safety glasses and ensure that you are paying attention and not focusing elsewhere when working on the table saw.
  • Know the parts: Knowing what is what in a table saw – a must to know how to use it is definitely. The table saw, of course comes with a table and the blade to do the cuts. You also have the fence that will run parallel to the blade, adjustment lever for blades’ angle and height, blade insert for changing the blades depending on the cut you need and of course the power button. These are basic components in any table saw.
  • Kind of cuts: Next is to know the different cuts you can make with a table saw which includes a ripping, a cross cut and of course a dado cut for jointers.
  • Height setting: You can either set it slightly higher above the board which would keep you safer in case you do get your finger close or you can set it far higher but the danger is also more when you do so.
  • Adjusting the fence: It is important that you have the fence adjusted accordingly to get precise cuts as per your measurements. Once you have made the right measurement you can clamp down on the fence dog, the lever which keeps the fence in place.
  • Inserting the blades: As there are different cuts, there are also different blades and also different blade inserts to handle them. When you are replacing the blade, be careful with the blade removal and also ensure that the new blade is snugly fit into the insert.
  • Maintain regularly: It is not just enough to know how to use a table saw. You also need to ensure proper maintenance so that you will not have a need for replacing your table saw any soon. You can check out our section on table saw maintenance to know how you can take care of your table saw.

Trust you have a fair idea on how to use the table saw now. If you are a beginner and new to this equipment, then we strongly suggest that you take the assistance of someone who has knowledge and experience in handling this table saw.

How We Picked These Table Saws?

When you search on Google for the possible Table saws, you would be bombarded with the different brands in the market offering the same features and almost in the same price range too. Now making the decision doesn’t seem so easy, does it? But we have tried to make this easy for you here by providing you with the review of all top quality saws from the top brands in the market. So how do we actually choose which are the products to get featured in this page from the thousands in the market?

Factors that we consider while picking up the products include,

  • Brand: It has always been our Constant endeavor to provide you with products only from those brands that has already made a reputation of being reliable. This is why we focus more on Dewalt, Bosch, Grizzly and similar brands which have already made a footprint in the power tools market.
  • Variety: As you are aware there are different types of table saws in the market, and every user will have a different requirement. We have therefore managed to collate every different model of table saw, from contractor to portable, and provided you an insight into each of them so that you can choose the ones that will best suit your needs. You will find a similar table saw from two or more brands with the same features and a review on how each of them performs so that you can choose accordingly.
  • Performance: Now this is a definitive factor to take into account when you are looking for any kind of product and when it comes to table saw, cutting power is of utmost importance for performance. Rip capacity, variety of cuts and other factors that affect the performance of a table saw are taken into account before featuring a product in this list.
  • Customer experience: Customer satisfaction and experience is clearly a determining factor for anyone to buy anything and why would table saws be any different. It is therefore our utmost priority to take the customer review into account when selecting these table saws for your reference. More the positive reviews, better chances that they are featured in this page.

It has been our objective to provide you a comprehensive list of well deserving products in a single page so that you can compare and buy the one that will best suit you.

Tips To Maintain Your Table Saw:

Whatever be the price you pay for the table saw, unless you maintain them regularly, you can start counting out more dollars on a fresh table saw very soon. It is not just the efficiency of the table saw but even your personal safety is dependent on how you maintain the tool. Here are some tips to help you keep your table saw free of dust and other residues ensuring that it provides accurate cuts for a longer time.

  • Clean the motor, the saw cabinet, the control knobs and the gear as often as you can to remove the accumulated dust. You can use a stiff brush to loosen the dust and then use a vacuum to remove them.
  • Cleaner blades will provide you more precision and will also reduce the amount of kickback. You can use a gum and pitch remover to clean the cutting blades.
  • The tabletop can be cleaned using a lubricant so that there is no gum or resin buildup on it.
  • Using a spray lubricant, ensure that your gears and other pivotal points are lubricated at regular intervals so that your operations run smoother.
  • Having a smooth table top, fence (rip and front) will ensure you have finer measurements on the fence and a smoother surface for the wood to slide. For this, you can use paste wax or an automotive wax to get the shine on these surfaces.
  • An important point to bear in mind is not to use any harsh chemicals to clean the saw. You can use mild detergent mixed in with warm water to clean the parts, especially the ones made in plastic.

While cleaning at regular intervals will help keep the table saw last longer, by doing a few routine checks every 5 hours will help you prolong its lifeline further. This will include,

  • Ensure that the belt is not worn down and the tension is of the right adjustment.
  • The blade, the miter slots and the rip fence should be parallel to each other.
  • Follow the owner manual for adjusting the angle of the tilt.
  • Check the adjustments on the motor mounting, arbor mechanism, table extension and the throat plate.
  • Ensure that you check the blade guard and the kickback pawl for any wear and tear.

Table saws are a long term investment. If you care for them properly, you can ensure that they offer you the best services for a longer period.

Making the decision!

That brings us to the end of this comprehensive guide on table saws! We have tried hard to provide you with all the information regarding table saws, from how to use it and how to maintain it to the different brands that offer immaculate table saws, their Pros, Cons and features. But making the decision on the table saw that you need to buy is completely yours. After all, you would know what you are looking for, right?

If you are looking for some sturdy heavy duty table saws, then you can check out the ones from the brand Grizzly and check the different features to ascertain which of the models will suit you better. However if you are looking for some light weight table saws, then you can check the ones listed under Dewalt or Bosh or even SKIL. If you are a beginner to wood working then you would do well with a SKIL product or even a table saw from Rockwell.

When you have decided to get a table saw, the first decision you make is on the type of table saw that you want to buy. This might be completely dependent on your requirements but this decision is only a small portion of your actual decision. There are many other factors that go into making this decision. Given that it is a huge investment and is for almost a lifetime, you need to be careful in your decision. You have to consider every aspect, scrutinize every feature and arrive at a decision that will prove beneficial to you.

It is important that you have all the facts and factors driving this industry without which you cannot make an informed decision. Also with the different brands and different makes listed down with their benefits and drawbacks listed out concisely in one place, you will not have much of a difficulty in finding what you need. If you were to do this research on your own, you might end up spending a lot of time and effort into the work. But with this guide, your job has just been made simpler.

To make a decision, first understand your requirements, and whether you are looking to use the table saw infrequently or use it for professional purpose, how regular will be the usage, etc. And then make your choice. We hope that our guide equips you with the required knowledge to make a favorable decision.